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Scott Communications and the HiveMind Network

Scott Communications is proud to be a member of the 1,500+ strong HiveMind Network, the modern, innovative, consulting network of leading business, technology and design professionals working together to help their mutual clients build high performance businesses. Collectively, we do this in a more affordable, effective and realistic way than with traditional advisory services or contractors.

Although only a small consulting firm ourselves, our membership of the HiveMind Network means that we are part of something much more substantial for which the whole is definitely greater than the sum of its parts. This greatly enhances the breadth and depth of our offering to you and your leadership team.

Together, we and the network can provide you with a practical, hands-on, consulting service that leverages the emerging gig economy to its best effect. Without inflated day rates, ‘land and expand’ consultants, agencies or hierarchies, we can focus on providing talented, experienced people who just roll up their sleeves and help you and your business flourish.

Our co-founders are both active members of the HiveMind Network:

  • Debbie Scott is the creator and champion of the network's internal PR and Marketing group.
  • Tony Scott is an Executive Partner in HiveMind’s premium HiveExec CIO, CDO and CTO advisory service.

From strategy through to operations and execution, Scott Communications and the HiveMind Network collectively aim to make a difference that lasts.

What is HiveExec?

HiveExec provides personalised support to CIOs, CDOs and CTOs and their direct reports. It additionally offers inclusive engagements and enquiries with any number of HiveMind delivery experts.

How HiveExec Works in Practice

After agreeing initial focus areas with you, we then include your direct reports and key team members to build a tailored engagement plan spanning an initial six-month period. We hold formal or informal meetings and workshops that fit in with your preferred working practices and team culture.

You work with your Executive Partner in scheduled monthly on-site sessions, or remotely, as required. Your Executive Partner is available to help with important decisions and to provide insight at key times. You and your team additionally have the expertise of the whole network on tap via calls with HiveMind experts.

The HiveExec Offering

Continuity and consistency of service from your Executive Partner enable you to realise real value through access to:

  • A critical, non-political friend, advisor and sounding board;
  • Coaching and mentoring for you and your leadership team;
  • Practical assistance with driving your team's performance;
  • Support for board and executive stakeholder engagement;
  • The ability to find expertise quickly through our extended network of cross-industry SMEs;
  • Reduced spend on contractors, as you get just what you need when you need it; and
  • Additional access to advisors and delivery experts to support your critical projects.

Who Delivers the HiveExec Service?

You work with a dedicated Executive Partner, such as Scott Communications’ co-founder Tony Scott, who has a solid understanding and practical experience in an executive role similar to yours. The Executive Partner uses his or her experience, skills and knowledge, combined with the extensive resources of the whole HiveMind Network, to support you every step of the way to help secure your professional success.

What is Included in the HiveExec Service?

  • One dedicated HiveExec Partner day per month for workshops, document reviews, research, coaching and mentoring;
  • Ongoing support from your Executive Partner;
  • As needed telephone support from the whole HiveMind Network;
  • Priority access to practitioners and delivery experts; and
  • Access to HiveMind events and networking.

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