Scott Communications Joins the HiveMind Network


Scott Communications Joins the HiveMind Network

Both co-founders of Scott Communications are now members of the 1,500+ strong HiveMind Network. Tony Scott joined the network in November 2018, and Debbie Scott was accepted as a member this month.

The HiveMind Network is a modern, innovative, consulting network of leading business, technology and design professionals working together to help their mutual clients build high performance businesses. They do this in a more affordable, effective and realistic way than when working with the traditional advisory services.

Tony said:

‘We’re only a small consulting company, recently formed. But, through the power of this established gig economy network of vetted freelance experts, we can now offer our clients advisory services and operational capabilities that greatly exceed what we can provide on our own. This adds huge value to our complementary PR and digital transformation consulting offerings. I am incredibly impressed by all I’ve seen with HiveMind so far, and excited about taking this enhanced proposition to our clients. The whole is definitely greater than the sum of its parts.’

Tony Scott is additionally an Executive Partner in HiveMind’s CxO HiveExec advisory service. This premium service provides personalised support to CIOs, CDOs and CTOs and their direct reports, complemented by inclusive engagements and enquiries with any number of HiveMind delivery experts.

See here for full details of the HiveMind and HiveExec offerings.

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